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Welcome to USBMicroscope where you can get interesting the most up to date information with regards to different types of viewing devices specially USB microscopes. We also have products and services available to meet your viewing or microscopy needs.

What are these items?

USB microscopes are low-powered digital microscopes that are usually connected to a computer with the use of a USB port. They can be purchased at very affordable prices in the market. USB microscopes are webcam that includes highly powered macro lens and usually do not make use of transmitter light, instead they depend on incident light from built-in LED lights located near the lens.

There is a light that reflects the sample but the camera is too sensitive for extra lighting. As the camera is being attached to the USB port directly, eyepieces would not be needed and the images will be shown directly to the monitor. The quality of the images results rely on the capacity of the camera as well as the megapixels available within the system. Both video and still images can be recorded in most systems. These images can be stored and recorded same as with a webcam on a computer. They provide a huge depth of field and a wide range of magnification once an examination of the images on the computer is being done.

With the use of the best and high quality USB microscopes, you will have the capability to take and store digital images as well as live motion videos. If you have a USB digital microscope, you won’t have to worry about using a basic light microscope without a USB port for connecting a camera. You should definitely consider the advantages and the time you’ll be going to save with the use of a digital microscope system with a USB  computer connection.

For excellent capturing and storing digital still images, make sure you get yourself a USB microscope. We have them available at cheap prices. Contact us today and we will be gladly discuss with you the requirements you need. We give you the best recommendation according to your microscopy needs.