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About us

USBMicroscope is a company that offers wide range of viewing equipment specially USB microscopes. Our microscopy store is selling a variety of digital viewing devices that can surely meet all the requirements of the students, researchers, as well as biology experts. We offer then at very reasonable prices at very excellent quality and service.

The equipment available in our store are USB models that are being connected to the computer with the use of a USB port. They include software and drivers for USB and built-in cameras. We offer upgrade and servicing if needed. We also accept back the microscope head with the built-in camera.

We have a wide range of standard biological compound as well as stereo microscopes that has trinocular photography arts fitted with a USB microscope camera which will be connected to a personal computer. This option is most advisable for the cost of this system is lower.

We also have a wide selection of trinocular microscopes available in our store. All you have to do is choose according to your preferences. Student models with lower resolution such as 1 megapixel and higher with 3 to  megapixels are available. A 9MP digital cameras a well suited for any type of trinocular photography port microscopes. The use of a digital microscopes should consider image quality, resolution, video speed and color rendition factors.

We can also supply top quality medical and clinical grade diagnostic microscopes and different specialty units like fluorescence, dissecting, metallurgical, polarizing and geological, inspection, measuring, forensic, biological tissue cell culture and phase contrast. Choose the model based on your needs and budget.